Our Cub waiting list (8-10.5 years old) is currently closed to new applicants.

Those already on the waiting list will remain on the list.

Additional and medical needs

The Scout Association is committed to the inclusivity of all young people, regardless of ability, disability, additional or medical needs

Young people

We ask parents and carers to talk to Section Leaders when their child is offered a place in the Group. We want it to be safe and fun for all. This conversation allows you to review the child’s needs. You and the Leader can then plan how best to support them. Your Section Leader will tell you how a typical session is run. Together you can talk about how your child best joins in the sessions with any reasonable adjustments.

We’re proud of our inclusivity. We do our best to ensure all our members can join in. There are many ways within the Scouts programme to meet additional needs, whether a disability, neurodiversity or an educational, mental health or medical need. Our adult volunteer leaders and assistants are trained in inclusion.

If your child has a health condition or takes medicine, please update their details on the parent portal. This will ensure we have the correct information in our weekly sessions and whilst off-site or camping.

Please make sure the details are up to date every year. If your child’s condition changes, please update it straight away. This means the Section Leaders have the latest details they need. Please remember that it is down to you to help us keep your child safe and well.

Adult helpers

Scouts is inclusive and values-based. We welcome all who share our values.

Our Equal Opportunities Policy shows how we try to make the movement open and accessible. People must be treated equally and respectfully. This reflects the spirit of Scouts, our fundamental values (integrity, care, cooperation, respect, and belief), and our commitment to delivering Scouts for all.

By removing barriers to participation, more young people can enjoy the adventure of Scouts. We will be as diverse as the communities we live in.